A message to people using drugs…

The Indiana Recovery Alliance is all about empowering YOU, and is operated by current and former drug users. We are not an “abstinence only” based recovery project. We are not affiliated with any churches. We are not a government program. As such, we are not trying to get you sober or save your soul or collect your information. We simply believe that people using drugs should be empowered to make positive change, as THEY define positive change. And that any positive change, no matter how small, is worth celebrating. We believe that people using drugs deserve love and respect, and we abundantly offer both. Please consider visiting the Alliance for access to resources allowing us to lead more dignified, healthier lives.

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  1. Just knowing that someone is there and that they care about you, not your habits and issues, but care about you as a fellow human being with real lives and emotions is an incredible feeling. I don’t know if anyone has ever really cared for me before, just for what I can give them. It makes a huge difference and inspires me to do better in battling this addiction. So thank you. You guys are giving us more than just a way to be safe, and both are greatly appreciated.

  2. I see “you guys” by the park alot as I sit in my car and get high. I’m so happy there are people like you for lost people like us.
    I’ve never felt guilty until I saw that van, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  3. As an addict the sole thing I try and get across to anyone who cares enough to ask what they can do, I tell them to just with hold judgment and offer any compassion and kindness they can muster. When you’re a member of a part of the population of this country that practically everybody looks down on judges and deems as expendable due to their own actions have been brought about their current circumstances, eventually you begin to feel the same way that they do. That not only do not deserve any compassion or kindness or opportunity, but you’re not worth it. This is why we see people dying of complications literally across the street from facilities that offer Pathways to Solutions and no charge, because they’re so used to being look down on and viewed as expendable that they literally can’t believe somebody cares enough to extend a hand.
    A little kindness goes so far, please don’t ever forget that.

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