Who We Are

The IRA is participant driven, meaning we involve active and former drug users in meaningful ways at every level of our organization, up to and including 51% of our Board of Directors. Due to criminalization and social stigma, we are not able to publicly list these essential people, though we are working tirelessly to end the stigma that forces people to have to protect themselves and stay hidden. To state clearly: active and former drug users are, and always will be, the experts on how to best reach and collaborate with active drug users, and we could not exist without their input and expertise.

Some of our community stakeholder advisers:

Dr. Alicia Suarez, DePauw University, Medical Sociologist, Viral Hepatitis
Emily McCord, Teacher, OD Educator
Dr. Frank Miller, Psychologist (retired)
Penny Caudill, Monroe County Health Department
Dr. Carrie Foote, HIV Modernization Movement
Brooklynne Garrett, OD Educator
Kerry Thompson, Financial Advisor
Kris Roehling, HIV Prevention Specialist, Recovery Coach
Kathy Hewett, Monroe County Health Department
Nancy Woolery, City of Bloomington
Melanie Vehslage, Monroe County Health Department
Emily Goodson, OD Educator, IRA Treasurer
David Debruiker, Local Business Owner, Overdose Educator
Robert Childs, Open Societies Foundation
Emily Brinegar, MSW, HIV Prevention Coordinator
Sarah Cahillane, Peace Corps HIV Specialist
Terry Eads, LSCW (retired)
Eric Spoonmore, Monroe County Council
Daniel Raymond, Harm Reduction Coalition
Amanda Barge, President, Monroe County Commissioners
Heather Bland, Overdose Educator
Kassandra Bott, Overdose Educator
Dan Bigg, Director, Chicago Recovery Alliance
Dr. Barbara Andraka-Christou, Esq., J.D., Ph.D. MAT Specialist
Claire Detrich, RN, Overdose Educator
Whitney Meeks, BSW Student, Overdose Educator (Marion County)
Dawn McDowell, CNA, Overdose Educator
Danielle Yeknich, RN, Addictions Specialist
Hannah Watt, Insurance Navigator, OD Educator
Tiffany McCormick, OD Educator
Jackie Daniels, LCSW, ICFR
Emma Rice, RN, Peace Corp HIV Specialist
Kim Myers, Overdose Educator
Christopher Abert, IRA Director, Harm Reduction Trainer, Overdose Educator
Tiffany Purtlebaugh, Nursing Student
Dr. Beth Meyerson, IU School of Public Health
Alex Mann, Social Service Provider, OD Educator
Carly Evans, Overdose Educator
Emma Roberts, Capacity Building, Harm Reduction Coalition
Michael Emmett, Social Worker, Home Based Case Manager
Mark DeLong, Executive Director, Amethyst House
Dr. Carrie Lawrence, IU Public Health Rural AIDS Center, Project Cultivate
Alyson Grider, MSW
Jared Stancombe, OD Educator (Lawrence County)
Brandon Drake, Monroe County Pathways
Dr. Scott Moore, Naloxone standing order physician
Ali Upchurch, IU Student, OD Educator

We also have an Advisory Board which meets quarterly, to which are invited active participants, local politicians, business owners, city and county officials, law enforcement, community members, social service providers, volunteers and anyone else who cares to attend. Please contact us for more information.