Our Harm Reduction services currently include, but are not limited to:

– free HIV/HCV antibody testing

– free naloxone training and distribution

– free condoms and safe sex supplies

– free safer use training’s, guides and workshops

– free safer drug use supplies, including cottons, cookers, biohazard containers, acidifier, tourniquets, OD kits, sterile water, alcohol wipes, safety squares, pipe nipples, etc

– free referrals to substance abuse treatment (inpatient and outpatient, including medically assisted treatments), HIP navigators, confirmatory HIV/HCV testing and STD testing, housing (temporary and permanent), counseling, HIV support services, 12 step programs, and other legal and social service organizations

– free RN triage services

– free outreach supplies (varying depending on donations):
clothes, coats, blankets, socks, shoes, first aid supplies, nursing assessments and triage care, nutritional drinks, snacks, camping supplies, gloves, mats, toiletries, etc

– free coffee and a friendly, non-judgmental ear.

Also, the Alliance offers free naloxone and overdose reversal training to first responders in Monroe, Brown, Lawrence and Jackson Counties through the Indiana Naloxone Project.

Our non-profit is founded in harm reduction philosophy. We do not judge those who participate in our programs, nor do we condemn their behavior. Instead, we work with our participants on their own terms, striving to find practical solutions that are individually appropriate, non-coercive, and effective in protecting their health. We operate within a framework of voluntary association, participatory decision making, and direct action based on respect and dignity for all of our participants and volunteers.

Please visit us on Facebook or call 1-812-56-SAFER (if calling from a land line, you must dial the “1”) for more information.