Spotlight on IRA and Member-Centered Harm Reduction

Indiana Recovery Alliance exchange February 15th, 2018. Photos by Jasmin Shah

The Comer Family Foundation, one of our grantors, interviewed me and several of our members about the Indiana Recovery Alliance and the impact we are having on harm reduction. The foundation’s story clearly demonstrates the need for member-centered harm reduction services to address the opioid crisis and highlights the IRA as an effective model.

Below is an excerpt. To read the full story on the Comer Family Foundation website, click here.

Indiana Recovery Alliance Connects Members with Critical Services Addressing Opioid Crisis
People across the country are looking for solutions to address the public health crisis resulting from drug overdoses and the spread of infectious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis C. All ages, incomes, ethnicities and occupations are being affected, further emphasizing the urgent need for action.

The Indiana Recovery Alliance’s member-centered approach to overdose prevention and syringe services is a successful model for harm reduction. In addition to delivering core services, the alliance is a hub of resources providing support, education and advocacy to its members and their communities.

Chris Abert, IRA’s founder, said, “We are connecting people with infectious disease to services and stopping fatal overdoses. There is no other approach that is more effective or has more data to support it.”

LEARN MORE about the opioid crisis and the Indiana Recovery Alliance’s member-centered approach to harm reduction.

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