The Indiana Recovery Alliance is a grassroots organization dedicated to the implementation of harm reduction interventions, public health strategies, drug policy transformation, and justice reform in Indiana. The Indiana Recovery Alliance engages in grassroots advocacy, resource and policy development, coalition building, and direct services for law enforcement and people impacted by drug use, incarceration, sex work, overdose, gender, HIV, and viral hepatitis.

Syringe Service Program Coordinator (SSPC)

Bloomington, Indiana – In-Person

The SSPC is responsible for oversight of all SSP functions as defined by the mission and structure of the Indiana Recovery Alliance. Those functions shall include, but not be limited to, day-to-day operations, training and supervision of volunteers, development of harm reduction and recovery meetings, and staffing of the SSP. The SSPC provides leadership, and stability and cultivates positive relationships with staff, participants, and volunteers. The SSPC assists the ED in carrying out organizational activities, meeting grant deliverables, implementing agency policies, and maintaining a safe environment for Indiana Recovery Alliance participants and staff.


Starting salary is based on part-time duties and applicant qualifications and experience. Transition to a full-time position will be evaluated based on performance.

This position starts at 20-25 hours a week. If additional time is needed and/or more duties and responsibilities can be transferred from the ED to the SSPC, this position can become full-time salaried. This will be evaluated quarterly.

The SSPC will collaborate with the ED to provide leadership, support, and direction in four primary operational areas: Staff and Volunteer Leadership, Advocacy, Public Relations, and Governance and Compliance. To ensure effective management of these operational areas, the SSPC will:

  • Be Site Lead for all SSP outreach sites and shifts. SSPC will coordinate coverage for all shifts, including those they are not present for. SSPC is ultimately responsible for all shifts.
  • Manage inventory and prepare purchase orders (ED will review and send orders to Points of Distribution, Pfizer, Interplas, ISDH, and TAG). Document receipt of supplies and complete annual inventory.
  • Coordinate with MCHD(Monroe County Health Department) in managing the partnership between the MCHD and the Indiana recovery alliance. The SSPC and the ED are responsible for the deliverables of the contract with the Monroe county health department. SSPC is responsible for keeping a positive working relationship with the staff of MCHD.
  • Train new volunteers and coordinate volunteers to arrive on time for outreach shifts, prepare naloxone kits, syringe clean-ups, etc.
  • Coordinate naloxone and cotton/safe use kit making.
  • Tally daily log sheets and give them to ED on the 1st and 15th of each month.
  • Track hours and activities weekly, monthly review with ED.
  • Send thank-you letters/emails to donors for taxes, and track donations.
  • Attend conferences and trainings (approved through ED).
  • Facilitate community trainings, including Naloxone, Harm Reduction education sessions, and other public engagements (AIDS Walk, etc). Any presentations must be approved by ED.
  • Facilitate any additional outreach duties, such as research requirements, visitors, and miscellaneous grant requirements.
  • Maintain positive relationships with the property owners where we provide outreach.
  • Keep the storage area clean and organized.
  • Other duties as requested by the ED/Board.
  • Build participant participation on Advisory Board and research projects

People with lived or living experiences with the drug war are encouraged to apply.

This position requires someone with many of the following experiences and characteristics:

  • Knowledge of and experience with the harm reduction model, as well as the ability to collaborate with and treat with dignity people who use drugs.
  • Justice, equity, diversity, and inclusivity.
  • Experience with providing direct services in a nonprofit environment.
  • Demonstrated leadership and management experience.
  • Experience with volunteer development and training facilitation.
  • Ability to provide oversight for program design, activities, and evaluation.
  • Capacity for holding a strategic vision while competently planning and prioritizing tasks.
  • Ability to present ideas, concepts, and principles in a manner that motivates and inspires people.
  • Demonstrated ability to work cooperatively with community leaders and stakeholders.
  • Excellent organizational and computer skills (Google sheets, Word, Excel, etc) are highly valued.

Outreach Worker

Methadone/Bupe Clinic Outreach & Syringe Exchange Program Based Fixed Site Outreach

  • Enroll SSP participants
  • Provide legal information on harm reduction laws
  • Distribute naloxone kits
  • Distribute syringes and other sterile supplies and collect used syringes in biohazard bins
  • Refer people to harm reduction programs and other health/legal/housing programs

Street Outreach

  • Participate in a mix of street and fixed site based harm reduction outreach
  • Make sure outreach work meets program deliverables set by the supervisor
  • Report on outreach deliverables to supervisor
  • Provide access to syringe exchange supplies
  • Provide access to overdose prevention materials + naloxone
  • Provide legal information on harm reduction laws
  • Advertise outreach activities to directly impacted people
  • Be culturally aware of people who use drugs and respect their decisions
  • Provide community-based STI/HIV/viral hepatitis prevention education, MSM, drug users, sex workers, and those at high risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection
  • Provide safer drug use and safer sexual health education
  • Provide detox and substance abuse referrals
  • Distribute STI/HIV/HCV prevention materials
  • Document every contact and item distributed
  • Provide information about HIV/STI care and treatment services

Drug User Organizing

  • We are a chapter of Urban Survivors Union, the national drug user union. Refer interested people to drug user organizers and drug user unions ( Urban Survivors Union).

If approved by supervisor and outreach worker has appropriate training

  • Council, test, and refer HIV positive individuals to local ASO
  • Council, test and refer HCV positive individuals to a local viral hepatitis service provider
  • Council, test and refer STI positive individuals to the local health department for care

If approved by supervisor and outreach worker has appropriate training

  • To provide STI/HIV/HCV and other health-related information and education on a one-to-one basis and in group sessions

If approved by supervisor and outreach worker has appropriate training

  • Assist agency with social media outreach
  • Attend in-house workshops and training seminars for staff as well as external training as assigned

Attend any and all coalition, advisory, and/or training meetings assigned.

  • Attend coalition meetings
  • Center for Popular Democracy
  • NCSU training meetings

• Knowledge about STIs, HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis and drug use is required.
• Must maintain professional boundaries while working with sensitive issues and must be comfortable working with diverse groups of people using a harm reduction framework.
• Must demonstrate strong communication skills.
• Must be able to work flexible hours.
• Applicant must be comfortable with a harm reduction framework.
• Must be interested in ongoing learning of Harm Reduction.

Reports to: IRA Director

To apply:

Please send cover letter and resume to

IRA is an equal opportunity employer. People of color, people who are LGBTQI, and people who have personal experience with drug use, sex work, HIV, HCV, and incarceration are strongly encouraged to apply.

IRA does not discriminate in any of its activities or operations on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, drug-related criminal record, marital status, sexual orientation, HIV/AIDS status, substance use, or military status.